Introducing: The OPAL Fund

  • For communities, we help identify and scale quality projects through a program called the Rural Recovery Accelerator.
  • For project sponsors (like developers or business owners), we provide technical assistance on structuring deals and leveraging Opportunity Zone capital.
  • For investors, we connect capital to Opportunity Zone projects across the state and provide value-added technical assistance necessary to help get deals closed.
  • Tell us about your project. If you have a real estate development project in an Opportunity Zone that fits the parameters we described above, send an email to
  • Become an investor. If you are an accredited investor who believes in the work we are doing, send an email to
  • Come work for us. We are currently hiring for an analyst position that would support all the work described above (and help us spearhead some new initiatives). Send your resume and cover letter to if you’re interested.




Founder and CEO of Opportunity Alabama

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Alex Flachsbart

Alex Flachsbart

Founder and CEO of Opportunity Alabama

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